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High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Coatings

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Coatings

Available from VAC AERO International Inc

A Wide Array of Coating Services to Meet Your Challenging Requirements - VAC AERO offers a variety of coating processes for protection and restoration of both new and service-exposed components. For almost half a century VAC AERO has been providing the very best in Coating Services and... Read More

Abrasive Media / Zinc Cut Wire Shot

Abrasive Media / Zinc Cut Wire Shot

Available from Platt Brothers & Company

Platt zinc cut wire Shot is an efficient abrasive media produced in either 99.95% pure zinc or alloyed for your special requirements. Deburring and deflashing of zinc or aluminum die cast parts in both wet and dry operations. Removal of impregnated sand from sand castings. Zinc Cut Wire Shot... Read More

Elcometer 456 Integral Coating Thickness Gauge

Elcometer 456 Integral Coating Thickness Gauge

Available from Elcometer Inc

The Elcometer 456 Integral Gauge with integrated V-groove, is ideal for single handed operation. The wide footprint of the Bigfoot™ probe provides greater stability when taking readings on flat and curved surfaces. Standard and Top models are supplied with Bluetooth®† wireless technology for... Read More

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Zinc Wire Specifications Overview

Available from Platt Brothers & Company

Platt Brothers & Company manufactures zinc wire and zinc/aluminum alloy wires used for Zinc Thermal Spray, often called Metalized Coatings. Zinc and zinc alloy wire sprayed coatings are integral steps in the manufacture of various electronic, capacitor, automotive, heat exchanger and tube & pipe... Read more

How to Enhance the Sustainability of Thermal...

Available from Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions

How are thermal spray solutions used?Several different thermal spray solutions are applied throughout the industry today. All of these work on the same fundamental basis: heating a feedstock material in powder or wire form causes it to partially or fully melt, at which point it can be sprayed... Read more

Thermach AT-400 Electric Arc 6" Extension Torch...

Available from Thermach LLC

Check out the assembly video below or click here to learn more about our electric arc options or the 6\" Extension Torch Assembly! The AT-400 high performance arc spray system combines the benefits of a “push” method wire feeder with the power of a 400-amp arc spray... Read more

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Arzell, Inc.

Arzell, Inc. is a United States veteran-owned automation and process integration business, serving primarily the thermal spray coating and general automation industries from Cypress, Texas, a suburb of Houston. Michael Gray started the business in 2005, first as a consultant to the industry... Read More

Plasma Processes

Plasma Processes is a supplier of advanced materials solutions to commercial and government customers in the aerospace, defense, power generation, oil & gas, semi-conductor, and other key industries. We have expertise with high and ultra-high temperature materials, such as iridium, rhenium,... Read More

Thermach LLC

Manufacturer of Equipment & Parts for the Thermal Spray Industry. Read More

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