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About Plasma Giken Co., LTD.

Plasma Giken Co., LTD. is one of the pioneers in the development of thermal spraying technology and continues to be on the cusp of cutting-edge solutions in this field.
Founded in 1980 we are an established provider for the industry, offering state of the art cold spray systems and various services including in-house manufacturing from prototype to mass production using various thermal spray technologies.
As the developer of one the World's leading Cold Spray gun with chamber gas temperature attaining up to 1,200°C with a heater encased system we seek to expand to the world market.

Products by Plasma Giken Co., LTD.

By Plasma Giken Co., LTD.

Cold Spray System PCS-1000v2

The PCS-1000v2 system is equipped with one of the world's highest performance, state-of-the-art integrated heater. The device can achieve a chamber gas temperature of up to 1200℃. - Designed to comply with the High Pressure Gas Safety Act, prevents "clogging" inside the nozzle - Chamber gas... Read more »

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By Plasma Giken Co., LTD.

Cold Spray System - PCS-100 Gun

- The gas consumption of the PCS-100 is half that of PCS-1000v2. - Gas chamber maximum temperature 1200̊C (2012̊F) - Gas chamber maximum pressure 7.5MPa (75 Bar) Read more »

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By Plasma Giken Co., LTD.

Portable Cold Spray System - PCS-H10

High Pressure type, able to operate at 5MPa and Low Pressure at less than 1MPa Max operating temperature & pressure: - Gas chamber: max temperature 700°C (1,292°F) - Gas chamber: max pressure 5Mpa (50 Bar) Read more »

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