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Cold Spray Equipment (7 companies found)

  • Plasma Giken

    PLASMA is one of the pioneers in the development of thermal spraying technology, and continues to be on the cusp of cutting-edge solutions in this field.
  • Linde LLC

    Plastic Mold or Parts cleaning with CO2 Blasting: CRYOCLEAN® Snow: CO2 Blasting without Pellets. Wherever a gentle but efficient cleaning is necessary CRYOCLEAN®snow offers new possibilities. CO2-snow particles are directly generated out of liquid carbon dioxide. Pressure air will accelerate these particles. Mean contaminations will be...
  • CenterLine (Windsor) Ltd. - Supersonic Spray Technologies Division

    SST Portable Cold Spray: The SST Portable odel is compact and easy to manoeuver for applications where air preparation and dust handling is provided by external systems. With the feedstock powder removed, this machine can be transported job sites in a small vehicle.
  • VRC Metal Systems


    HIgh Pressure Cold Spray Systems: CGT Equipment Provider - ASB Industries Representation High Pressure Cold Spray Systems Based on ASB Industries involvement since 1996 license, we have gained worldwide recognition in the development of the Cold Spray process equipment and material property investigation. Over the years ASB...
  • Thermal Spray Depot

    This site is dedicated to the thermal spray coating industry, often also called metallizing, flame spray, metal spray, plasma spray, or spray welding. We supply complete thermal spray systems, individual components, replacement parts, powder, and wire. We also supply auxiliary handling...
  • Inovati

    Inovati offers a complete line of deposition equipment using the KM Technology. From a fully integrated Coating Development System with 6-axis robot to a hand-held version for field repair, Inovati's KM technology brings you the coating advantage.