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About Plasma Processes

Plasma Processes is a supplier of advanced materials solutions to commercial and government customers in the aerospace, defense, power generation, oil & gas, semi-conductor, and other key industries. We have expertise with high and ultra-high temperature materials, such as iridium, rhenium, tungsten and molybdenum, and can apply coatings or create custom parts and powders using our advanced deposition processes. We also develop solutions for wear and corrosion resistance, electrical isolation, thermal protection and dimensional restoration. Our highly trained staff can work with your team to develop custom solutions. We are AS9100D with ISO 9001:2015 certified and have advanced lab resources available to test and validate results.

Products by Plasma Processes

By Plasma Processes

Vacuum Plasma/Low-Pressure Plasma Spray

Vacuum Plasma Spray (also referred to as Low-Pressure Plasma Spray) combines all the advantages of plasma spray within an inert environment to produce very dense coatings with the lowest oxide content. Vacuum Plasma Spray is cost effective for the spray forming of specialized materials,... Read more »

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Wire Arc Spray

Wire Arc SprayWire Arc Spray (also referred to as Electric Arc Spray) is a simple, fast and economical thermal spray process for in-shop or on-site work. Wire arc spray works by placing an electric arc between two consumable electrodes of a coating material, then using compressed gas to atomize... Read more »

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Ceramics Materials

Plasma Processes offers a wide variety of materials and material combinations to produce coatings and net-shape components. Virtually any material with a true melt point can be deposited by thermal spray processes. Materials that dissociate, decompose or sublime at elevated temperatures can also... Read more »

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