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Praxair Surface Technologies has over 75 years of industry experience. That’s why, when you partner with us, you get more than just protective coatings. You gain complete access to our industry knowledge, accumulated from over 2,400 engineers, technologists, and coating experts from 34 sites in...

WC Stripping Solution: Hunter Chemical LLC offers equipment and materials used to remove WCCo from parts that have been applied through HVOF. Hunter can also provide value for waste materials.
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Kermetico Inc.

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Manufacturer of the HVAF and HVOF systems. Coating application job-shop.

, Industrial, Power Industry, R & D. In house Lab.

Manufacture of thermal spray torches, consumable parts, hoses and cables. Distributor of powders and tapes. We offer complete turnkey spray systems and technical assitance in the development of spray parameters.

Plasma Coatings specializes in corrosion, wear, and release coating services for tanks, vessels, rolls, machined parts and process equipment.

Oerlikon Metco offers a broad range of products and services for a large variety of applications. Coating equipment, coating materials, coating services, automotive and turbine components, and cylinder bore coatings. Sulzer Metco is now Oerlikon Metco.

Thermal Spray Turn Key Projects: Thermal spray turnkey projects for hvof, plasma, flame & arc spray systems and other auxiliaries.
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