Medicoat AG

Almuesenacherstrasse 2a
Mägenwil, 5506

About Medicoat AG

Medicoat is a leading innovative company in plasma spray technology. Medicoat manufacture turnkey VPS and APS coating systems for medical device and industrial markets orfor scientific applications, coat medical devices with porous osteoconductive coatings and produces and distributes Titanium and Hydroxyapatite spray powders.

Competitors of Medicoat AG

Tekna Plasma Systems Inc.

Tekna Plasma Systems Inc. (TPS) is the world leader in induction plasma technology. Tekna specializes in the development, design and construction of integrated plasma systems for nanoparticle synthesis, coating applications, and powder plasma treatments such as spheroidization and purification... Read More

Dyne Technology Ltd

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Genie Products, Inc.

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Products by Medicoat AG

By Medicoat AG

Osteoconductive porous coatings made of Titanium and Hydroxyapatite applied to metallic and non-metallic (ceramics, polymers) implants like femoral stems, spine cages, intervertebral disc prosthesis Read more »

By Medicoat AG

Medical grade Titanium and hydroxyapatite powders optimized for plasma spray technology Read more »

By Medicoat AG

Turn key complete plasma spray equipment (APS, VPS) for medical, industrial and scientific application. Support for process development. Worldwide delivery and servicing. Read more »