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  • Spherical and Densified Molybdenum Powder

    With its low co-efficient of thermal expansion, good thermal conductivity, good electrical conductivity, good stiffness, and high melting point, Molybdenum is a material of choice where high temperature resistance is vital. Tekna’s spherical and densified TEKMAT™ Pur Molybdenum Powder offers... Read More
  • GHF- High Flow Gas Recycling

    A gas recirculation unit considerably reduces the gas consumption of the installation. The gasleaving the filtration unit is recompressed and can be re-used as the quench gas. The system is equipped with a pressure control valve which controls the outlet pressure constant. Features: - Gas... Read More
  • GHP-High Pressure Gas Recycling

    A gas recirculation unit considerably reduces the gas consumption of the installation. Gas leaving the filtration unit is recompressed and re-used for the plasma torch. The motor is equipped with a variable frequency drive allowing the modulation of the compressor capacity according to the... Read More
  • Induction Plasma Systems

    Tekna’s induction plasma development units offer considerable flexibility in the areas of powder treatment, nanopowder synthesis, coating and near net-shape deposition. These development units are available in different configurations, which can be supplied individually or in combination. The... Read More
  • R&D Services

    Tekna works in partnership with customers to develop added value materials using plasma technology. Over the last 15 years, our R&D services, supported by a team of highly qualified scientists and technicians, has helped customers to develop new materials and new markets without committing large... Read More
  • Scrubbing Towers

    For the treatment of corrosive effluent gas, we recommend a scrubbing tower to trap chlorides. Our closed loop recirculation tower will trap the HCl produced by the system before releasing the gas stream to atmosphere. The system works by batch processing where NaOH is recycled with a dedicated... Read More
  • Spherical Cast Tungsten Carbide

    Extremely hard and dense, Tekna’s Spherical Cast Tungsten Carbide TEKMAT™ powder, an eutectic mixture of WC and W2C phases, is one of the most wear resistant products on the market. Commonly blended with nickel based alloys, it is perfect for hardfacing applications by PTA, laser cladding and... Read More
  • Spheroidal and Densified Silicon Powder

    With its semiconductor properties, Silicon is widely used in the electronic industry as well as in the solar cell industry. Tekna’ spheroidal and densified TEKMAT™ Flo Silicon Powder offers higher density, higher purity and better flow-ability than standard silicon powder making it an excellent... Read More
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