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Precision Coatings, Inc.

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2313 Wycliff Street
St Paul, MN 55114
About Precision Coatings, Inc.
  • Precision Coatings, Inc. is ISO 9001 registered serving world class companies for over 25 years. We offer full-service plasma spray, arc spray, flame spray and HVOF coating services as well as machining & grinding services. We offer design engineering assistance and prototyping for your component. We utilize robotic spraying and specialize in medium to high volume production.

    Our coatings include wear & corrosion resistant tungsten carbides, nickel chrome, and CERAMIC coatings for bearing and seal surfaces, plungers, shafts, rollers, plates, etc. We also apply NON-STICK coatings for food processing and packaging & handling equipment.

    We serve many industries including: diesel engine sub-assemblies, agricultural equipment, wind energy, pumps, electronics, printing, casting and more.

    We also offer COMPLETE COMPONENT SUPPLY & inventory management in high volume: machine/fabricate the basic part, apply coating and final grind or machine, then ship on demand.

    We are dedicated to YOU!
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Products by Precision Coatings, Inc.
  • Ceramic Seal Areas

    Improve seal surface life 100-600% with plasma sprayed ceramic coatings. Precision Coatings has helped several customers improve performance and extend the life of product s using ceramic coated seal surfaces. Precision Coatings Inc. located in St. Paul, Minnesota provides design assistance,... Read more
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  • Traction-Gripping Surfaces

    Provide excellent-long life traction or gripping action to a variety of components with carbide, nickel-chrome, or stainless steel coatings from Precision Coatings Inc. Add textures ranging from 150-800 micro-inches Ra to meet your application needs. The gripping coatings are very durable,... Read more