Metallic Bonds LLC

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dba MBI Coatings, 2088 Industrial Park Rd.
Lancaster, SC 29720

About Metallic Bonds LLC

  • MBI Coatings is a brand of Metallic Bonds LLC

    MBI is a service company with emphasis on surface engineering. Our coatings enhance parts function and extend the life of components.
    MBI coatings are specified by engineers to enhance surface properties for severe wear, corrosion, non-stick, traction-release, thermal barriers, etc. We utilize advanced processes (HVOF, Plasma spray, Thermo-polymers) and sophisticated materials (Ceramics, Carbides, Nano-alloys). We also repair, restore and build-up surfaces to better-than-new condition out-performing original OEM parts and alternate repair methods.

    Our facilities are located 25 miles south of Charlotte NC, in Lancaster, SC. We have expanded in order to serve various industries, and take advantage of owning our own property which consists of 7 acres, and over 25,000 square feet of production space.

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Products by Metallic Bonds LLC

  • Tufflon Low Friction Release Coatings

    MBI’s TUFFLON coatings are ideal for applications requiring durable release coatings with ultra low coefficient of friction. Consisting of release polymer materials that are embedded into Thermal, Arc, Plasma or HVOF spray matrix for extra toughness that normally is not associated with regular... Read more
  • Traclon "Plasma-Release" Coatings

    In short, MBI's TRACLON™ family of coatings consist of a combination of a hard matrix materials such as Tungsten carbide (74 Rc hardness) and specialty polymers to provide astounding tough non-stick properties. Typically, they are applied by PLASMA or specific HI-VELOCITY THERMAL SPRAY... Read more
  • Thermal Spray Coatings

    At MBI we utilize the most advances metal spray systems of all types to apply engineered coatings for design or repair of various components. Our processes include HVOF, Plasma, Twin wire arc spray, powder flame spraying, wire metallizing, spray & fuse and more! Thermal spraying is a... Read more