Technogenia Lasercarb Oklahoma Inc

41 S Cooley Dr
OKC, OK 73127

About Technogenia Lasercarb Oklahoma Inc

The Lasercarb® process was developed by Technogenia beginning in 1983 and further refined and improved in 2003 by incorporating a high power diode laser with CNC multi-axis control that is precise and repeatable for exact placement of the powder deposit. When combined with application-specific, proprietary Technolase® powders, the Lasercarb® process can be applied to virtually any component profile either on the OD or the ID to protect against abrasion, erosion and corrosive environments.

For over 30 years, Technogenia, the leader in the anti-wear protections, has brought to customers the best quality through the state of the art laser cladding technology. Using its proprietary manufactured spherical cast tungsten carbide combined with the latest laser cladding technology, LaserCarb® brings the best solution for effectively eliminating your wear problems.

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