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About Wilcox High Velocity Ltd.

Wilcox High Velocity Ltd is located in Edmonton AB, Canada and has been in operation since 2006. Our successes while in business can be directly attributed to our experience, knowledge, capabilities & capacities. Our Team works very hard for our customers and we strive to maintain the fastest deliveries and turnaround times without sacrificing quality & reliability of the products that we service.

Wilcox High Velocity is also environmentally conscious. We ensure that all emissions from the facility are filtered and that all fumes, particulates and waste are captured, contained & recycled responsibly.

Products by Wilcox High Velocity Ltd.

By Wilcox High Velocity Ltd.

TAFA – JP8000 The JP8000 is the next generation of the JP5000, which up to that point was the leader of the pack when it came to coating capabilities and reliablility in service. The closed loop characteristics of the JP8000 basically catapulted an already great system up to a new level. With the JP8000, we... Read more »

By Wilcox High Velocity Ltd.

The Oerlikon Metco DJ2700 runs on gaseous state fuel and provides good coatings that can meet most HVOF customer specs out there (less than 1% porosity, hardness of a min. 1000 vickers, bond strength minimum of 10 000 psi). Coatings applied by this system are offered at a very competitive rate... Read more »

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