Thermal Spray Solutions, Inc.

1105 International Plaza, Suite B
Chesapeake, VA 23323

About Thermal Spray Solutions, Inc.

Thermal Spray Solutions, Inc. is a full-service facility. In addition to our thermal spray capabilities, we have a complete in-house shop with machining, grinding, and superfinishing operations.

Here is an overview of our capabilities:

Thermal Spray Processes
•High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF)
•Twin Electric Arc-Wire
•Plasma Spray
•Spray & Fuse Coatings

Thermal Spray Support Equipment
•Grit Blasting
•Custom Designed Fixturing
•Large & Miniature Spray Lathes
•Stand Alone Spray Cells
•In-House Mobile Spray Capabilities
•Horizontal & Vertical Spray Capabilities
•Multiple Axis, Semi-Automated Gun Handlers

Lifting & Handling Equipment
•10 Ton Overhead Crane
•5 Ton Overhead Crane
•Multiple Jib Cranes

Turning Capabilities
•In-House •Small To Large Lathes
•52″ Swing X 480″ (40′) Long
•36″ Swing X 320″ (26′) Long
•25″ Swing X 384″ (32′) Long
•Several Smaller Lathes
•Vertical Turret Lathe – 44″ Swing
•Strategic Partners
•63″ Swing X 708″ (59′) Long
•87″ Swing X 678″ (56.5′) Long
•58″ Swing X 1,140″ (95′) Long
•Maximum CNC – 45″ Swing X 240″ (20′) Long

Quality & Inspection
•Metris CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
(Dimensions: 600mm X 500mm X 400mm / 24″ X 20″ X 16″)
•Surface Profilometers
•Large Compliment of Micrometers, Gauges, and Measuring Equipment
•Megometer For Non-Conductive Coatings
•Complete Laboratory Testing Capability – Strategic Partner

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