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Plasma Coatings

A process wherein a High Intensity Arc is thrown across an Electrode and Anode through which is introduced a mixture of gases (Nitrogen & Hydrogen, or Argon & Hydrogen or Helium) causing the gases to ionize, thereby creating ultra high tempertures up to 50,000 °F. Metals, Ceramics or Cermets in... Read More

HVOF Coating

The High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) process was developed to produce high quality metal, carbide and various specialty coatings. A complete line of powders are available, which are specifically engineered for application with the HVOF System. The commercialization of this coating technology now... Read More

Electric Arc Spray

This equipment is an innovation to the Metallizing Field. A modified basic Solid State 600 Amp.Arc Welder is combined with a specially designed Spray Gun. Two wires are fed simultaneously through the gun at an angle so as to meet as they exit from the gun. The wires are insulated from each other... Read More

Combustion Wire Spray

With this process, a specially designed gun is used, having a nozzle (similar to a welder’s heating torch) which burns Oxygen and Acetylene achieving temperatures up to 5500°F. A wire is fed through the center of the nozzle into the flame where it is melted. Compressed air is concentrated around... Read More

Combustion Powder Spray

In this process, the basic principle of the heat source is the same as for wire spray except that powders are fed through the flame and propelled by high velocity Oxygen or air onto a Substrate. As with Metallizing, any powdered metal or ceramic having a melting point below 5500°F. can be... Read More

PTA Hardfacing

There is a steadily growing demand from all branches of industry for longer service life for their machinery and for the adaptation of that machinery to meet the specific conditions of their production processes. Part of the response to this demand has been the development of some highly... Read More

Sparay & Fuse Hardfacing

In this process, a Combustion Powder Spray gun is utilized to deposit a wide variety of materials on to a substrate. The powders used for Spray and Fuse Hardfacing are typically compositions of Ni, Cr, Co, Bo, Fe, W and WC in varying blends. After the coating has been sprayed to a... Read More

Cerami-Pak® Coatings

Cerami-Pak® Coatings are a special family of ceramic fluorocarbon composite coatings developed specifically for the film packaging industry. Cerami-Pak® Coatings provide superior wear resistance, release, low coefficient of friction, excellent corrosion resistance and unique hot slip... Read More


Pressure on wire drawing dies coupled with the high speed that the wire moves through wire drawing machines produces large amount of heat due to friction. Until recently there was only two practical solutions for lowering wire drawing friction . One was the use of special lubricants between the... Read More


A proprietary coating service developed for EPI Reactors, Hex Reactors, CVD Systems, and Ion Implanters. MICROCOAT® COATINGS OFFER . . . 1.Increased Yield rates. 2.Reduced bridging faults. 3.Reproducible of etch results, low detect: density and low impurity levels. 4.Reliability and... Read More

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