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Nickel Aluminum 95/5

Nickel Aluminum 95/5 thermal spray wires can be used as bond coatings and for machine element restoration widely. Pre-alloy suitable for electric arc spraying of nickel-aluminum base material. Dense coating with oxidation, thermal shock and scratch resistance to high temperature performance,... Read More

FeCrAl wire

FeCrAl is a high-resistivity iron-chromium-aluminium alloys for use up to 1400º C (2550º F). With the well-bonding coating and high temperature oxidation resistance. So they can use in variety of industry.And mostly used for boiler arc thermal spraying. Read More

Molybdenum wire

Spray molybdenum wire is mainly used for spraying fine automobile component surface wear and mechanical wear surface to enhance the wear resistance since. Since molybdenum has good wear resistance, it is considered the metal thermal spray technology indispensable material, piston rings,... Read More

Aluminum Bronze wire

An iron-bearing Copper Aluminium MIG & TIG filler metal primarily designed for joining aluminium bronze, silicon bronze and manganese bronze, some high strength Copper-Zinc and Copper-Nickel alloys as well as many ferrous metals such as steel, Cast iron and galvanized iron. It is also good for... Read More

FeCrBSi wire

FeCrBSi wire material with coating was prepared by twin-wire arc spraying processing. The chemical compositions of the coating, as well as phase components were analyzed by energy-dispersive spectroscopy and x-ray diffraction method. The surface roughness, porosity, and cross-sectional... Read More

Al2O3 ceramic rod

Alumina is a very wear-resistant precision ceramic material with high hardness and wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance which is widely used in all walks of life. Read More

ZrO2 ceramic rod

Zirconia ceramics is a very good ceramic material which is highly crack propagation resistant.It also has low thermal conductivity and high strength of these two outstanding performance, it is often used to make metallized ceramic. Read More

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