Glenro Conductive Cooling System Improves Product Quality and Throughput of Heat Process Lines

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Glenro HPH-C Dual Flatbed cooling technology minimizes thermal shock to materials by providing precisely-controlled even and consistent cooling. The result is higher throughput and improved product quality. The HPH-C can be employed in tandem with other laminators—or added to an existing line to increase cooling capacity.


Paterson, New Jersey – March 4, 2015.   A dual belt flatbed cooling system designed to improve the quality of products requiring cooling during the manufacturing process is now available from Glenro Inc. of Paterson, New Jersey. Designated the HPH-C Dual Flatbed Cooling System, the system provides more precise control of cooling than is offered by traditional cooling methods.

The HPH-C Dual Flatbed Cooling System can be set in tandem to flatbed laminators or it can be added into an existing annealing, lamination or heat process line where the application requires additional cooling.

The HPH-C consists of upper and lower driven PTFE coated belts between which the materials being processed are held under controlled pressure. A series of anodized, extruded aluminum FinCool™ elements contact the backside of the upper and lower belts and transfer chilling to the belt and then to the materials. Unlike other cooling methods, the Glenro HPH-C offers extended dwell time with multiple zones for precise cooling control, gently lowering the product temperature to minimize any thermal shock. Glenro’s FinCool™ cooling element technology improves product quality by providing even and consistent conductive cooling.

FinCool™ chilling elements can be mounted in a staggered or opposing configuration and rate of cooling can be controlled by using multiple zones of chilling.   Both in-machine direction and across-machine direction zoning are available.   Contact pressure on materials passing through the system is controlled via Auto Bed Gapping and Tapered Bed technology.

The HPH-C is available in working widths up to 3m/117” wide. Optional nip pressure rollers can be provided at the entrance of the HPH-C and other positions throughout the machine. Multiple ply smooth seamed and endless belts are available. Communication with the HPH-C is via industry standard protocol such as Profibus, Industrial Ethernet, Devicenet, or discrete or analog I/O.

Glenro can provide the entire process line—or any of the line components, including unwinds, accumulators, conveyors, IR heating, hot air heating, heating laminator, cooling systems, and rewinds.


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