Exline joins forces with Exterran Turbo

Press Release from Exline, Inc.

Exline, Inc., a family owned business based in Salina, Kansas is proud to announce a new partnership with Exterran Turbo, a global leader in the natural gas industry. This new partnership provides our customers with both on-site turbocharger removal and installation services, as well as re-manufacturing and testing services from Exterran's McPherson, KS Turbo facility.

Operationally, Exline, Inc. has announced that they are providing expertise regarding on-site turbocharger removal and installation services, as well as transportation. The Exterran turbo group is managing remanufacturing processes and testing at their facility in McPherson, Kansas. Exline continues to apply ThermEx® Thermal spray coatings and manufacture new turbocharger parts at their industrial facility in Salina.

"The members of Exline are excited about the opportunity to work with Exterran." said Rob Exline, the President and CEO of Exline, Inc.

"Much of our success through the years can be attributed to the partnerships we have developed, and the quality of work that we provide. This opportunity allows us to do what we do best, and work with a great team at Exterran."

Exline has partnered with Exterran in an effort to better serve organizations in the municipal power generation and oil and gas industries. Both partners offer parts and services to keep turbochargers and turbocharger equipped engines up and running. Yet, their newly combined efforts will offer customers the benefit of a full-service experience for all turbocharger models.

Mitch Opat, General Manager for Exterran's Turbo Charger Group, stated, "I'm extremely delighted about the opportunity to work with Exline, Inc." Opat continued, "This arrangement allows both companies to build off our long standing relationship while leveraging each other's strengths and core competencies. I couldn't be more excited about the future."

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