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Explore Moisture Content of Welding Flux & Inorganic Samples

Moisture Content Analysis has been added to the extensive list of materials testing services offered by Laboratory Testing Inc. The test is performed on a fully computerized Leco RC612 analyzer that reveals the percentage of moisture in a wide variety of inorganic materials, including welding fluxes, ores, ferroalloys and chemical samples. Moisture Analysis test procedures conform to the following standards:

• AWS A4.4 M
•  MIL-E-23765/2E
•  EB 4906 Rev A

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What is Moisture Analysis?

Moisture Analysis is a test frequently ordered by businesses that rely on precision welding or that purchase materials known to contain moisture. Flux coated electrodes can absorb moisture if not properly stored in a humid environment. Prior to welding, moisture determination can detect the presence of moisture, which can lead to porosity. Porosity is contamination of weld metal caused by trapped hydrogen as moisture breaks down during heating, leaving voids in the weld bead. Porosity can weaken the weld, and depending on the welding code or standard, porosity might cause rejection of a weld.

Residual moisture can be found in many inorganic materials, but it is important for buyers to know they are not paying for unwanted moisture. Here again, moisture analysis solves the problem by letting the buyer know the percentage of total weight that is attributed to moisture.

Utilizing Next Generation Material Testing Equipment

The Leco’s state-of-the-art furnace control system allows temperature ramping from 25° to 1100°C. The analyzer uses radio frequency to heat the sample to the specified temperature in order to separate the moisture from the rest of the sample. A minimum of 20 grams of sample is required for analysis. An infrared detection process quantifies the moisture as compared to a reference material. Moisture is reported as a percentage of the total weight.

Laboratory Testing Inc’s full-service Chemistry Lab also offers a wide-range of services including ICP analysis, AES and wet chemistry to identify and quantify major and minor elements for customers wanting to check sample purity. LTI can also examine flux-cored wire for rust caused by exposure to moisture, which can be detrimental to weld quality.

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