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  • WC Stripping Solution By Hunter Chemical LLC

    Hunter Chemical LLC offers equipment and materials used to remove WCCo from parts that have been applied through HVOF. Hunter can also provide value for waste materials. Read More
  • Wear Coatings By TST Engineered Coating Solutions

    There are many types of wear mechanisms including adhesive, abrasive, erosive, cavitation, and fretting. In many cases wear can occur from a combination of these mechanisms. Some of the more common materials TST Coatings uses to provide wear resistant coatings include ceramics such as carbides... Read More
  • Weld Overlay By Integrated Global Services

    We offer industry-leading synergic pulsed GMAW automation technology, delivering higher chrome content, lower iron dilution, reduced heat affected zone with low hardness values, and less substrate distortion than comparative technologies. Because automated overlay is often suited for part, but... Read More
  • Weld Testing & Qualification By IMR Test Labs

    IMR Test Labs offers weld testing at all three US locations, with seven AWS CWI's on staff. With quick turnarounds and competitive pricing, IMR offers high-quality reports and customer-focused service. We pride ourselves on being accessible to our customers, as well as on high-quality,... Read More
  • Wirewear® By A&A Company, Inc.

    Pressure on wire drawing dies coupled with the high speed that the wire moves through wire drawing machines produces large amount of heat due to friction. Until recently there was only two practical solutions for lowering wire drawing friction . One was the use of special lubricants between the... Read More