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  • Nanocoating By Impreglon Cellramic

    Nanocoating changes the material at a molecular level by applying nanostructures. When these structures contact the substrate they create a self-organised hydrophobic layer with a thickness of only a few dozen nanometres. The nanoparticles create a firm connection with the surface and ensure... Read More
  • NEDOX By General Magnaplate Corp.

    NEDOX Protects Most Metals - Including Aluminum - Against Wear, Friction, Corrosion, Sticking and Galling NASA material #20386* Dramatically increase surface hardness - up to Rc 68 (940 Vickers scale) Resist corrosion, chemicals and acids Prevent abrasive wear and galling and seizing... Read More
  • Nickel Aluminum 95/5 By Wisdom Consumables

    Nickel Aluminum 95/5 thermal spray wires can be used as bond coatings and for machine element restoration widely. Pre-alloy suitable for electric arc spraying of nickel-aluminum base material. Dense coating with oxidation, thermal shock and scratch resistance to high temperature performance,... Read More
  • Nickel Powder By Hunter Chemical LLC

    Nickel Powders Grade OH900 and OH903 are produced through a hydrometallurgical process, also known as Hydrogen-Reduced or the “Sherritt-Gordon” process. Nickel is precipitated under high pressure and temperature to create a spherical shape with a “cauliflower” surface. Hunter Chemical further... Read More
  • Nickel-Chrome Metal Powder By Hunter Chemical LLC

    Hunter Chemical's Nickel-Chrome Metal Powder is a water atomized 80/20 alloy powder. Lab samples are available upon request. Read More
  • Nonstick Coating By Impreglon Cellramic

    Special polymers are used to create a hydrophobic surface that effectively prevents many different substances - e.g. adhesive, rubber, plastic or leather - from sticking. By applying specific roughness profiles to the surface structure, the contact area is reduced and the nonstick properties... Read More