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  • IDM Testing Equipment By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    Founded in 1972, IDM instruments® Pty Ltd prides itself with its outstanding reputation as Australia's leading supplier of testing and measuring equipment. Our prime focus is to work closely with customers to provide quality instruments. Whether from our standard product line or specialised... Read More
  • Induction Plasma Systems By Tekna Plasma Systems Inc.

    Tekna’s induction plasma development units offer considerable flexibility in the areas of powder treatment, nanopowder synthesis, coating and near net-shape deposition. These development units are available in different configurations, which can be supplied individually or in combination. The... Read More
  • Iron Oxide Red By SJZ Keli Chem CO.,Ltd.

    1.Product Name: Iron Oxide Red 2.Appearance: Red Powder 3.Specifiactions: Product Type Fe2O3 (%) Oil absorption (ml/100g) Res. on 325 mesh (%) Water sol. Salts (%) Moisture (%) PH value Tamped apparent density (g/cm3) Particle shape ΔE compared with std.... Read More