EHS Matrix (Low Growth Factor) for Cell Culture

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EHS Matrix (Low Growth Factor) for Cell Culture (Click to enlarge image) Cat.No. BINK-044
Product Name EHS Matrix (Low Growth Factor) for Cell Culture
Synonyms EHS Matrix (Low Growth Factor) for Cell Culture
Description EHS hydrogel is a soluble basement membrane matrix extracted and purified from mouse engelbreth-holm-swarm tissue. Its main components are laminin, type IV collagen, nestin, heparin sulfate glycoprotein. It also contains transforming growth factor, fibroblast growth factor, tissue plasminogen activator, and several other growth factors.
EHS hydrogels are viscous liquids at around 4 centigrade and solidify at 37 centigrade.
EHS hydrogels behave similarly to mammalian cell basement membranes. For adherent cells, especially some difficult-to-cultivate cells, such as embryonic stem cells, nerve cells, hepatocytes, melanoma cells, vascular endothelial cells, hair follicle epithelial cells and other cell cultures, it can promote cell adhesion and growth. Mimics the in vivo matrix environment. It can be used in tumor invasion experiments, angiogenesis experiments, and peripheral nerve regeneration experiments.
Low growth factor EHS hydrogels are prepared for experiments where the influence of growth factors needs to be excluded as much as possible. This product uses a special preparation method to effectively reduce the content of various growth factors.
Product Overview Each batch of EHS (Low Growth Factor) hydrogels is tested to be free of bacteria, mycoplasma, support hES growth and can be used for tumor cell invasion experiments.

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