TS-1 Molecular Sieve

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TS-1 Molecular Sieve (Click to enlarge image) Cat.No. MoS-026
Product Name TS-1 Molecular Sieve
Synonyms TS-1 Molecular Sieve
Description TS-1 is a titanium-silicon molecular sieve, belonging to the Pentasil type heteroatom molecular sieve, orthorhombic system, with a three-dimensional channel structure represented by ZSM-5, consisting of a "Z"-shaped channel and an elliptical straight channel intersecting with it. composition.
The four-coordinated Ti in the framework of titanium-silicon molecular sieve TS-1 is the active center of selective oxidation reaction. In addition to maintaining the topological structure of the original MFI molecular sieve, TS-1 has special properties due to the uniform distribution of titanium atoms in the framework. The skeleton Si-O-Ti bond, which makes it have both catalytic oxidation activity and shape-selective catalytic performance. Due to the absence of strongly acidic A13+ ions in the skeleton structure, TS-1 has strong hydrophobicity and has unique catalytic performance for the shape-selective oxidation of various organic compounds with H2O2 participation. This new generation of shape-selective oxidation catalytic materials It is regarded as a new catalyst in the field of green chemistry technology. TS-1 molecular sieves have been used in the epoxidation of olefins, the ammoxidation of cyclohexanone, the oxidation of alcohols, the oxidation of saturated hydrocarbons and the hydroxylation of aromatic hydrocarbons (phenol and benzene).

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