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ZSM-22 Molecular Sieve (Click to enlarge image) Cat.No. MoS-025
Product Name ZSM-22 Molecular Sieve
Synonyms ZSM-22 Molecular Sieve
Description The pores of ZSM-22 can inhibit the generation of carbon deposits and have strong shape selectivity for small molecule reactions. Due to its suitable pore structure and strong surface acidity, it can be used in catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, dewaxing, isomerization (such as paraffin isomerization and butene skeletal isomerization), alkylation, dealkylation Alkylation, hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, dehydration, cyclization and aromatization reactions.
Product Overview Pore size (nm): 0.56-0.58
Si/Al ratio: 20-300
BET specific surface area (m2/g) : >180
Relative crystallinity (%) >95
Residual sodium (%): ≤0.1
Burn reduction (%): <5

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