Small Particle Size Nanoporous Carbon Powder

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Small Particle Size Nanoporous Carbon Powder (Click to enlarge image) Cat.No. MCP-006
Product Name Small Particle Size Nanoporous Carbon Powder
Synonyms Small Particle Size Nanoporous Carbon Powder
Description Compared with traditional catalyst-supported activated carbon, the pore structure of small particle size nanoporous carbon powder is regular and orderly and the size is controllable, which can bring the following three advantages:
1. Compared with the diameter of the holes, the connecting holes between the holes and the holes are smaller, and the catalyst is confined in the holes after being loaded, which is not easy to agglomerate, and the life of the catalyst is significantly improved.
2. Compared with activated carbon, the new nanoporous carbon material has larger pores and can support more catalysts without being blocked by catalyst nanoparticles, and the pore size and connecting pore size can be adjusted according to the reactants and products. Precise size design of the required pore structure facilitates the entry and exit of reactants and products, and significantly improves the catalytic efficiency.
3. A large number of hydroxyl groups are modified on the inner wall of the pore, which is conducive to the uniform loading of the catalyst, and also provides a stronger bonding effect with the metal nanoparticles, so that the metal nanoparticles cannot move.
Another advantage of using it as a drug catalyst is that there are very few precious metals remaining in the drug, and the treatment of precious metal residues in the later stage is relatively easy.
Application scenarios: drug catalysts, hydrogen fuel cell catalysts.

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