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PVDF Electrospinning Material (Click to enlarge image) Cat.No. BIOD-016
Product Name PVDF Electrospinning Material
Synonyms PVDF Electrospinning Material; Poly (Vinylidene Fluoride)
Morphology & Appearance White or light yellow particles
Storage Store at 4°C.
Application Air filtration: Electrospinning nanofibers have the advantages of small diameter, small pore size, high porosity, and good fiber uniformity. They have high filtration efficiency for tiny particles and lower resistance pressure; different polymer raw materials can be selected to affect the structure of the fiber. Design and function to prepare air filter materials for different use environments;

Waterproof and moisture-permeable: The fiber membrane formed by the random accumulation of electrospun nanofibers has a three-dimensional connected pore structure, which is conducive to the rapid transportation of water vapor; in addition, the surface of the fiber is highly modifiable; by regulating the pore structure and surface wettability of the fiber membrane It can realize its application in the field of waterproof and moisture permeability;

Energy battery: Electrospinning nanofibers have excellent optical, electrical, magnetic, mechanical and thermal properties, and nanofiber materials and structures are rich and diverse, which can be widely used in solar energy, batteries, optoelectronic devices, energy storage and other fields;

Biomedicine: Electrospinning nanofibers can mimic the structure and biological function of natural extracellular matrix, providing ideal templates for cell adhesion, proliferation and growth; some natural and synthetic electrospinning raw materials have good biocompatibility and degradation It can be used as a carrier to enter the human body, and has good applications in drug controlled release, wound repair, biological tissue engineering, etc.;

Beauty and makeup: Nanofibers have a porous structure and a large specific surface area, which can be used as a carrier for drugs and cosmetic active ingredients to improve the loading rate; and have a strong penetration ability, which is conducive to drug diffusion and dissolution, and improves the ability of transdermal absorption;

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