Tricyanoethylcellulose Cellulose (CEC), cyanthylated

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Tricyanoethylcellulose Cellulose (CEC), cyanthylated (Click to enlarge image) Cat.No. NAT-1519
Product Name Tricyanoethylcellulose Cellulose (CEC), cyanthylated
Synonyms Tricyanoethylcellulose Cellulose (CEC); cyanthylated
Description High-performance cyanoethyl cellulose is prepared by a novel process. Soluble in organic solvents such as acetone, dimethyl sulfoxide, dimethylacetamide, acrylonitrile and N,N-dimethylformamide. High-performance cyanoethyl cellulose is a high-performance optoelectronic functional polymer material, which exhibits excellent behavior under the action of an applied voltage or electric field and has good physical properties (dielectric properties, luminescence properties, electrical conductivity and breakdown resistance, static electricity performance, etc.). High-performance cyanoethyl cellulose and its modified products can be used in nonlinear optical materials, high-energy storage capacitors, various electronic components, high-dielectric paint films, high-dielectric film capacitors, passive capacitors, stealth and Absorbers, polymer liquid crystal display and electroluminescence and many other fields.
Product Overview This product is a kind of cellulose polymer whose cellulose hydroxyl group is cyanoethyl etherified. With different degrees of cyanoethyl etherification, products with different properties can be obtained with excellent dielectric properties.
Morphology & Appearance White granular or Powder

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