Matexcel Released a Wide Range of Molecular Sieve Products for Research Use

Press Release from Matexcel

Matexcel, a biotechnology company specialized in products and services for material science community, recently released a wide range of molecular sieve products to cater to the diverse needs presented by its clients from various industries.


Molecular sieves are porous materials that can be used to separate and purify molecules based on their size and shape. They are made up of a network of tiny pores that are just the right size to allow certain molecules to pass through, while blocking others.


They provide high purity by filtering out even the smallest impurities. They also have a high regeneration capacity and can be reused, giving them a long service life. Furthermore, molecular sieves are extremely efficient, capable of working at low temperatures where other desiccants may fail. Finally, their uniform pore sizes enable them to consistently sieve out molecules of specific sizes.


Matexcel, with its extensive expertise and experience, is uniquely positioned to provide high-quality molecular sieves. From Pseudo Boehmite Powder to Spherical Activated Carbon to Spherical Hollow Mesoporous Silica, Matexcel offers a comprehensive range of molecular sieve products to meet the diverse needs of our clients from various industries.


Some of the products include: Aluminum-silicon Ordered Mesoporous Materials (Al-SBA-15), High Purity Pseudo Boehmite Powder, Iron-silicon Ordered Mesoporous Materials (Fe-SBA-15), Covalent Triazine Frameworks, Spherical Activated Carbon, Spherical Hollow Mesoporous Silica, Micron Porous Carbon Ball, Activated Carbon Cloth/Fiber, Small Particle Size Nanoporous Carbon Powder, etc.


"We are excited to offer our customers a wide range of molecular sieve products for research use," said Johnson, one of the representative speakers from Matexcel. "These products are designed to meet the needs of researchers in a variety of fields, and we believe that they will help to accelerate research in these areas."


In addition, Matexcel provides bioactive ceramic, bioactive powder, and mica to facilitate rapid development and production of ceramic biomaterials.


Matexcel's molecular sieve products for research use are available in a variety of sizes and quantities. To learn more about these products or to place an order, please visit the Matexcel website at


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