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Thermal Spray Technology

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Product Spotlight

available from Globe Metal Recycling
Metals we Recycle: Tungsten Carbide Scrap Nickel Scrap Cobalt Scrap Tantalum Scrap High Speed Tool Steel Molybdenum Scrap Metal Powder & Sludge Recycling... Read more ›
available from NSL Analytical Services Inc.
The NSL Analytical chemical testing laboratory provides a broad range of chemical analysis services including bulk analysis, chemical composition, chemistry lab instrumentation, trace element and low level analysis, and classical wet chemistry. Its chemistry lab services include expert analytical... Read more ›
available from Integrated Global Services
Metal wastage from erosion and corrosion can lead to expensive unscheduled downtime, costly repair or replacement of equipment, and potentially unsafe working conditions. With over 30 years experience and several million square feet of successful applications worldwide, IGS is the preeminent, most... Read more ›

Top Companies

Since 1974 Globe Metal, Inc. has been in the business of recycling metal. We specialize in extracting valuable metals from industrial generated wastes such as metal powders, metallic sludge, grinding swarf, filter cake, metal fines and metal dust. We also specialize in recycling high temperature alloys, tungsten carbide, stainless steel and...
Our customized solutions prevent equipment failure, extend service life, minimize outage downtime and reduce repetitive maintenance expenses.
Impreglon develops and applies high-grade surface coatings for industry and production.